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The largest Botanical Garden in Colombia is located in Bogotá

Hotel Andes Plaza 19/09/2020
Even when the capital city moves to the rhythm of modern hectic life, Bogotá also has fascinating and ideal places to find tranquility in the midst of chaos. Sites that coexist between asphalt roads and sophisticated concrete buildings.

Visiting the parks, hills and gardens of Bogotá is a perfect plan to share and enjoy the outdoors and nature, and among them, the "José Celestino Mutis" Botanical Garden is one of the jewels that you will undoubtedly enjoy while you are in the capital.

Located in the Bogotá shroud, the largest Botanical Garden in Colombia takes its name from the naturalist, mathematician and astronomer from Cádiz José Celestino Mutis. It covers an area of approximately 19 hectares and is a cultural center founded in 1955.

It is a place of research, education, and leisure. It has specialized workshops in Botany, environmental projects, and exhibitions for lovers of nature and various plant species. Among the objectives of this magical place is to strengthen environmental education in citizens, generate awareness, knowledge and commitment to environmental conservation.

The garden offers guided tours lasting approximately 2 hours, and is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday (Hours enabled here)

The tour proposes a visit through the different collections that are preserved in the Garden, with a focus on the diversity that exists in the Colombian flora and fauna. For this reason, it has different heated greenhouses at different temperatures where the flora of the different regions and thermal floors of the Country is exhibited. Take a photo in the rose collection, one of the most important spaces in the Botanical Garden, which has 73 varieties of this flower among other ornamental species.

With a special program, the garden celebrates on the last Sundays of each month the special Day called Garden at Night, a different plan and with multiple entertainment activities that range from documentary film projections and poetry recitals to musical presentations, gastronomic samples and literary workshops. Generally, entry to this particular event requires registration and is completely free.

To keep in mind:

• Animals, toys or bicycles are not allowed in the garden, as they can affect the collections.
• The garden has a cafeteria - restaurant for the service of its visitors.
• Children 5 years old and under and adults over 62 years old do not pay.
Address: Avenida Calle 63 No. 68-95, Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden Bogotá Colombia.


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