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Surprise dad in his month: 5 creative ideas to celebrate father's day

Hotel Andes Plaza 23/06/2021
Do you already know how you are going to surprise dad in his month? To celebrate this special date sometimes it is not necessary to leave home or invest a lot of money, since you can use creativity and Dad will love it.

If you want to show Dad how much you love him, you can manage to give him the best of days, doing very varied activities that make this day one of the most fun and unforgettable of the year. It is always important that we bear in mind that sometimes all we need is to spend time with the family.

Today we show you some options for you to celebrate this special date with Dad.

Surprise him with an object or accessory from his favorite sport Considering that it is such a special date, this becomes the right time to grant small details and how about doing it with something that will excite dad? That is why it can be very successful to think of an object or garment allusive to his favorite sport or athlete. A t-shirt, a ball, shoes or a hat can be some of the perfect objects to give to dad on his day. This will be a detail that will undoubtedly brighten his day and one that he will keep with great affection, surely you will move many fibers with this gift.

Give a trip full of adventures If dad is an adventurer, it is your opportunity to make him happier, for this gift it is very important that you take into account his tastes when choosing the destination. You can take him to enjoy the tranquility of the sea, Cartagena could be a good option, that will help him get out of the routine and he will never forget this adventure.

Personal care items, to make it look great Looking good is one of the concerns of many of the people, Dad is no exception, he will always try to look good and look radiant, so giving him objects to care for his image can be a great success. Shaving set, facial cleanser, moisturizers, perfumes or lotions can be part of this detail.

You will love going back to your favorite restaurant At this time, it is common to find special packages in restaurants that offer an ideal menu for this celebration. Surprise dad and show him how much you love him by taking him to his favorite restaurant. You can reserve a menu where you include that food that you love so much. For this gift, take into account your budget, the tastes of Dad and the quality of the place where you will choose the evening.

Technological elements that will keep you at the forefront Being at the forefront of technology will always be one of Dad's priorities, so he will make him very happy that in the celebration of this special date you surprise him with a technological element such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. This gift will be highly valued by dad, in addition it can be very useful and will serve him at all times. Remember that any of the options you choose, you must carry it out with a lot of love, that you transmit to that person who will receive it, all the affection you feel towards him.

Did you know that ... The celebration of Father's Day arose in 1910, and was spearheaded by Sonora Smart Dodd, an American who tried, in some way, to make the role of parents in society prominent in the education of their children.

Some curiosities:
Spain, Father's Day is March 19, due to the feast of San José. In the United States and Mexico, as well as in several countries in America, the celebration of Father's Day takes place on the third Sunday of June. The celebration of this day in Brazil is the second Sunday of August. In Guatemala the celebration is on June 17.


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