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Know the items that cannot be missing in your suitcase for your next vacation

Hotel Andes Plaza 09/08/2021
Get ready so that your vacation fun is not interrupted by absolutely nothing! That is why the luggage and all the articles that you are going to take to that dream destination and to which you have planned to travel so much, must have everything you need to become an unforgettable experience.

At the Andes Plaza hotel we show you the ten items that cannot be missing in your suitcase when putting your vacation in On-mode. Take note of them:

1. Appropriate clothing to look great: The clothing you will wear should be appropriate for the destination you choose, since the success of your trip will depend largely on this. To look great on your vacation you can choose comfortable clothes, but that are at the forefront. If you choose cold weather cities, as is the case of Bogotá, keep in mind that your suitcase will not be missing coats and closed shoes; If you choose to choose a city like Cartagena as your destination, where the climate is warm, you should pack very cool clothes, such as short-sleeved cotton shirts, light dresses, shorts, and in the case of men, shorts and / or shorts.

2. Comfortable footwear: The footwear that you should pack for your trip will depend on the weather in the chosen destination. If you choose a hot city, where there is sea, as is the case of Cartagena, the most appropriate footwear will be one that does not cover the entire foot, such as sandals or the well-known 'Crocs'. But it is important to also bring some sports shoes for hiking and a pair of sandals or nautical type shoes. If, on the other hand, you decide on a cold city, like Bogotá, it is best that your shoes be closed, covering the foot, such as ankle boots, boots and sports-type shoes.

3. Sunscreens and skin care products: These products are really essential and can never be missing from your everyday objects. Skin care is very important for everyone, so we must always carry products to avoid being hurt. If you are one of the people who have sensitive or delicate skin, it is practically mandatory that you pack a sunscreen even in cities with cold or temperate climates. Other products that cannot be missed will be cleansing cream or gel, exfoliants, toners and moisturizers.

4. Photographic camera to freeze the memories: During your holidays you will surely visit many places and live moments that you will want to immortalize and keep always, so when packing your suitcase you will not be able to forget the camera or in case such a smartphone with an optimal load to freeze all these experiences in small images. For fans of professional shooting, today they can opt for easily manipulated mobile equipment such as the famous GoPro cameras, and equipment suitable for coming into contact with water or capturing incredible moving images. Remember to always carry enough memory and load to be able to capture as many shots as possible.

5. Accessories and complements for a perfect outfit: The accessories that you are going to wear for your holidays will put your personal stamp on your outfit, so you must choose them carefully, so that you look great. These elements may vary depending on the destination chosen to spend your vacation; If the chosen place is in a cold climate, like Bogotá, you should pack accessories such as scarves, wool hats and gloves (in case the temperature is very low). If, on the other hand, your choice is for a destination like Cartagena, don't forget to pack some sunglasses that make you look spectacular, hat, cap or bathing suits.

6. Toiletries and personal hygiene: To look radiant during your holidays, you must have all those products that always help you look great, in addition to keeping your body clean, that is why you should never forget your personal hygiene products. The shampoo and conditioner of your choice, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, perfume and creams for daily use, should always have a space in your suitcase, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. If you are a man, you can never forget your razor, or if on the contrary you are a woman, evaluate if you want to add an epilator, dryer and / or hair straightener.

7. First aid kit: Health is very important, that is why it is necessary that you always carry a kit with the necessary things in your suitcase to control any minor accident, especially if you travel with children. Make sure you have a few band-aids, antibacterial gel, and other basics like pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, healing dressings, sunburn creams, and some antihistamines. Do not forget to pack enough alcohol and masks, in the same way have a copy of your insurance or health card on hand in case you need it, for the time you will enjoy your vacation.

To take into account ... There are a number of items that are prohibited to carry in your luggage when boarding a flight, which you should take into account when packing your suitcases, here we show you which are some of them :
  • Containers with liquids such as perfumes and liquors with a capacity greater than 100 ml. It is important to know that even if it is in the middle, if it exceeds that capacity they will not let you carry it.
  • Sharp and sharp elements.
  • Flammable gases.
  • Matches (also known as matches).
  • Compressed gas
  • Weapons.


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