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Bogotá, a destination to enjoy for couple trip

Hotel Andes Plaza 15/09/2021
Bogotá has become one of the cities in the country where romanticism is very important, which is why it offers a large portfolio of activities related to entertainment and romance.

Coming to the capital in the company of the person you love is one of the best plans that currently exist, because you can enjoy many activities that will undoubtedly keep love alive and will give away many memorable moments for the relationship. The cold and rainy Bogota climate is the perfect complement for romantic nights that you will enjoy to the fullest; So, if your plans to celebrate love includes walking around every corner of Bogotá with that special person, at the Andes Plaza Hotel we bring you a list of plans to live unforgettable moments with the love of your life. 
  • A spectacular view
Just a few kilometers northeast of Bogotá is the municipality of La Calera. It is very easy to get there and you can take ecological walks in the place. Not far away are two viewpoints where the view of the city is incredible. If you keep going up you will find horseback riding, hot springs and restaurants. The nature and the view of the place have made La Calera a place full of magic, where you can breathe romance. This is one of the best places to visit as a couple, here you can enjoy the incomparable sunsets of the capital, as well as having one of the best views of the city. The images that you can obtain in this place will be incredible and we must emphasize that here you can live the best and most beautiful romantic evenings.
  • A night of dancing
Dancing is one of the favorite plans of many people and Bogotá is the ideal place for this plan, since it has hundreds of bars and nightclubs distributed throughout the city, highlighting Parque de la 93, Zona T and Calle 85, which are the preferred sectors for the rumba in the city. Enjoying the nightlife and dancing for a while in one of the hundreds of bars or discos will always be one of the best plans to do as a couple in the city, without a doubt this activity will make your stay in the city in the company of your partner unforgettable.
  • A boat ride
We all seek to do activities that amuse us and give us unforgettable moments and this plan is the ideal one to carry out with the person we love. In El Lago Park, also known as Parque de Los Novios, you can enjoy a magnificent boat ride, the ideal plan to experience moments full of magic and lots of love. It is an inexpensive plan and you can rent the boat for an hour or two. You will visit the lake and its fountains with the ducks that swim near the boat. Perfect to have a good conversation and get to know that special person more, the perfect setting to fully experience love. A place where nature is combined with love is the ideal place for you to enjoy the best experiences in the capital.

Bogotá has always been characterized as a city that welcomes everyone with open arms, and couples are not far behind. If you want to contemplate options, we invite you to enter HERE and quote your stay with that special person.


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