Best Online Price Guarantee

Book now with the best ONLINE rate from our website. If the price we offer on our website: is superior to any other ON LINE sales channel, we automatically match this rate.

How do I do it?

If in the course of the twenty-four hours following your reservation you find in any other ON LINE sales channel a lower rate than the one we offer on our website and that meets the same conditions (conditions of sale of the room, type of room, start and end dates) we will match the rate.

If the request is correct and the difference is verified, you will receive a communication from Hotel Andes Plaza confirming the new rate that we will apply immediately.

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    At the Andes Plaza Hotel the commitment to our clients is our reason for being. That is why we always guarantee you the Best Price ONLINE. The Best Price ONLINE Guarantee will only apply to private customer bookings, not to confidential fares and other fares that fall under special programs such as Travel Package Programs.

    All those pages that do not have confirmation and purchase of reservations online will be excluded from this commitment. Hotel Andes Plaza has a strong commitment to the protection of personal data so we will not provide your personal data to any company without your prior authorization.

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